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    What my students say about my 5 star service

    I have taught 1000s of students over the last 2 decades. Here are just a small sample of independent Facebook Reviews, Google Reviews and testimonials that my students have kindly written about my maths tuition service.
    • Mr Hajat was a great teacher. Helped me get a A grade at A level in maths. He was very supportive. Taught very well and clearly. Enjoyed maths! Provided past papers and worked through the answers until I understood it. Has great tips and tricks to make maths easy!

      Rajit Wilfred Avatar Rajit Wilfred
    • Mr Hajat taught me through my A-Level maths and I couldn’t have wished for a better teacher. He was always there when I needed support, always made sure that everyone understood everything before moving on to the next topic. As a teacher he knew when to be serious and when to joke around and that balance was something that made the learning experience that much more enjoyable.

      Thank you Mr Hajat for being a great mentor and sorry if I didn’t meet your expectations, that’s on me!

      Vlad Putjatin Avatar Vlad Putjatin
    • The very BEST Math tutor in Essex. You need look no further. Alpha Maths tutored my daughter from a projected C to an A* for her GCSE. Firstly 5 stars are not enough for the dedicated and professional service we received from Alpha Maths. I cannot but recommend them for what they did for my daughter. Great service. Brilliant teacher.

      PfoJC Chris Kriel Avatar PfoJC Chris Kriel
    • Mr Hajat taught me when I was in year 10. He was an amazing teacher. He used to give me challenging work which I enjoyed and I went on to improve a lot. He has an amazing maths background, so you can ask him deep, challenging questions and he can answer them. I would definitely recommend him.

      Ihsan Islam Avatar Ihsan Islam
    • Mr Hajat is an absolute legend. He is an an amazing teacher who inspired me to study maths at university. His passion for maths rubbed off on me and my fellow peers. He motivated me to reach my full potential by providing a friendly yet professional atmosphere. One of a kind teacher. An unforgettable teacher and I can’t thank him enough!



      Ayub Shaikh Avatar Ayub Shaikh
    • An amazing and caring teacher who inspired me to become a teacher!

      Chantelle Duberry Avatar Chantelle Duberry
    • Imy has been a great maths tutor and an inspiration for both my children who both achieved A* at GCSE and my older son A* in A level maths who went on to study medicine.

      Mo Mirza Avatar Mo Mirza
    • I was taught by Mr Hajat whilst I was taking A Level maths. Very approachable method and a tailored pace for his students. Wouldn’t hesitate to recommend him

      Jahangir Jingy Alom Avatar Jahangir Jingy Alom
    • Sensational teacher, patient and methodical, goes above and beyond to supplement learning

      Deb O'Nair Bamidele Avatar Deb O'Nair Bamidele
    • An excellent teacher who truly cares in pushing students to reach their full potential.

      Dotun Bamidele Avatar Dotun Bamidele
    • Mr Hajat is an excellent teacher - he was instrumental in helping me achieve the A's and A*'s in Maths that I obtained throughout my secondary school. He went above and beyond to help me whenever I was struggling and if it wasn't for him I wouldn't be in the position I am today at university studying Medicine. I cannot recommend him enough. Thanks so much Mr Hajat!

      Abdulkareem Mirza Avatar Abdulkareem Mirza
    • Mr Hajat is one of the best teacher/tutors I have ever met. He helped me achieve an A at a-level maths while I was still in year 11. One of the best mathematicians I have come across. Highly recommended.

      Barzy Saeed Avatar Barzy Saeed
    • Great teacher I came to him working at a D grade level but after working with Mr Hajat I went right up to and B/A grade level. The way he broke down the equations and his explanations really helped me come to grips with Maths and get my grade up. I would highly recommend him for anyone who is struggling with maths.

      Johnson Olusanya Avatar Johnson Olusanya
    • Mr Hajat was the best. No, I didn't get completely fabulous grades in the end but I fully recognise that that had nothing to do with Mr Hajat's teaching and more to do with me actually doing stuff. If you do the work and care about it then Mr Hajat's teaching will help to get you there. He taught me all through my GCSE and AS level Maths.

      Shannon 'Strawbaberry' Marsh Avatar Shannon 'Strawbaberry' Marsh
    • Immy is a brilliant tutor and helped me through passing my gcse results. Very easy to get on with and helpful in and out of tution, with online learing to look over notes you did in class before hand. Couldn't have passed without his help.

      Connor Hurst Avatar Connor Hurst